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Exclusive, Effective and Affordable Advertising!

Why Advertise in Coffee News Jackson

  • It’s Affordable – Ads are affordable. This allows businesses to have the continuous, repetitive exposure that builds name recognition and helps drive sales.
  • It’s Effective – An ad in Coffee News® is not only effective in itself; it will multiply the effect of other advertising, whether print, television or social media.
  • It’s Everywhere – Our three editions are currently in over 230 locations. People truly say “I see it everywhere!” With 22 years history in this market, you can capitalize on our name recognition to help build your own.
  • It’s Exclusive – No ads are accepted from your competitors. Your ad is the only one in your category!
  • It’s Fresh – Each and every week, a new edition is published. The content is fresh so we get repeat readers and your ad gets multiple views every month. The ads are also rotated so no advertiser can monopolize a particular spot. If you wish to change your ad, there’s never an additional charge.
  • It’s Fun – Coffee News serves up fun facts, trivia questions, horoscopes, jokes and upbeat news. No bad news here, and it’s always family friendly.
  • It’s Local – Your ads are concentrated in your designated market area. Concentrate your advertising dollars where – they do you the most good. Choose from Madison/Ridgeland/Fondren, Brandon/Flowood/Reservoir or Pearl/Richland/Florence.
  • It’s Professional – Coffee News® was designed with businesses in mind. It uses proven advertising techniques and concepts to maximize your message.

Advertising Benefits